Shiitake teriyaki

I am still very busy (I have started nutrition studies!) but I wanted to start posting recipes again, so this time I decided to go for a very simple one: shiitake mushroom with a teriyaki sauce. A great way to add veggies to your eastern asian-inspired dishes. 🙂

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Marinated tofu with curry and terragon


If you like terragon, you will probably love this recipe! Also, it’s not only tasty and low in calories, but a very great source of proteins as well! Serve it with basmati rice and some greens and tell me what you think!

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Sautéed green beans and shallots


Yet another easy vegetable recipe! I got this one from my mother, I believe it’s one of the most common ways to cook green beans in France. 🙂

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Simple tomato risotto with capers


Here is a simple yet tasty risotto, which is becoming a standard side dish that I cook every time I need to finish tomato sauce!

I don’t know if it is very well known in other countries than France (and of course Italy), so for those who have never heard of risotto before : it is an Italian dish made of rice that you cook very slowly, first in a little bit of fat (mostly olive oil), then by adding liquid and other things very slowly. The rice should never be completely underwater, so it is entirely normal to add liquid 5 to 10 times until it is entirely cooked! This one is cooked in tomato sauce and water with some herbs, and capers are added at the end for a nice salty touch!

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