About the author

Hello, and thanks for visiting my blog! 🙂

My name is Charlotte, I am from France but I live in the Netherlands (hence the three languages in which you can read this blog). As far as I remember, I have always loved cooking. I use to cook one new thing every day, and I never get tired of it!

Since I have become vegetarian (and then vegan) some time ago, a lot of people around me have come to ask me what I ate. I have noticed that people who are not veggie don’t often have a good idea of what our meals are made of. The first goal of this blog is thus to show non-veggie people what a vegan eats!

About the name of the blog

For several reasons, one of my sisters started calling me a Hobbit some years ago: indeed, I am very short (150cm heh), I love eating, gardening, and sewing my own puffy skirts and dresses. I have also noticed that my eating routine is a bit similar to the Hobbits’ too: instead of 3 big meals, I eat 5 to 6 little meals per day. (First breakfast, second breakfast…) As this impacts the recipes that I put here and the size of their portions, I decided to use the word “Hobbit” in the title, to specify it somehow. 🙂

About the recipes

Because I eat more often but more little meals, and because I am a very short lady, the portions of the recipes are rather small. If you are an adult who eats 3 big meals a day instead of 5 or 6 small meals, don’t hesitate to multiply them by two or three!

As I am very interested in nutrition and very attentive to what I eat, I make a little summary of the nutrition facts at the end of each recipe. It is an approximation and I am not a doctor in nutrition or anything, so I can’t guarantee perfection there, but I make it seriously and it still gives pretty much a good idea of what the recipe brings to your body!

I hope you will enjoy this blog! If you have any suggestion about anything, feel free to let me know!